The video shows an attack carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS) in Mosul, Iraq, not by the “Hamas” in Gaza.

The claim
“A qualitative martyrdom operation. Mujahideen seized an Israeli armored vehicle, rigged it with explosives, and one of them drove it to detonate it among the occupied tanks.”

Social media users have widely shared a video claiming to document a qualitative martyrdom operation, in which fighters reportedly seized and camouflaged an Israeli armored vehicle, rigged it, and then detonated it in a tank gathering during the ongoing ground clashes in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” investigated the authenticity of the circulated video through public sources and found that it is old, as it was previously published on January 4, 2017. It documents a part of the battles between ISIS and Iraqi forces, as the circulated video is an excerpt from a footage taken by an armed reconnaissance drone belonging to ISIS, flying over the advancing Iraqi forces south of Mosul. It documents a series of operations carried out by the organization against bases belonging to the Iraqi forces during their advance, about ten kilometers south of the city of Mosul, which was the last major stronghold for the organization in Iraq. These operations resulted in a massive explosion, causing a huge fire and smoke in the area.

It should be noted that the Al-Qassam Brigades announced yesterday, Monday, that they were able to destroy 71 military vehicles completely or partially during the past four days, kill 16 Israeli soldiers, and injure dozens with varying degrees of injuries. However, the Palestinian “Hamas” has not mentioned the use of martyrdom operations through explosives or suicide belts since the start of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation and during its response to the Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

The result

The video is old and a fragment from the documentation of the “ISIS” organization’s operations against the advancing Iraqi forces towards the last stronghold of the ISIS in Mosul, Iraq in 2017.

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