“Tahaqaq” observatory refutes claims of fabricating the injury of activist Saleh Al-Ja’frawi.

The claim
Casting doubt on the injury of activist Saleh Al-Ja’frawi by claiming that the videos documenting it are fake and fabricated.

Western and Israeli accounts on “X” platform shared two video clips of Gaza activist Saleh Al-Ja’frawi. In the first video, Al-Ja’frawi documents being targeted by a group of doctors and journalists, while in the second clip, he appears in a hospital bed receiving treatment for his injury.

And in response to the circulated clips, within the context of doubtfulness, they said: “He has come back to life again, and now he will bring in a team of actors to assist him in a new scene.”

In another comment: “Saleh claims that he was injured by the Israeli army in Gaza.”

The Palestinian observatory “Tahaqaq” refutes the claims made in the context of the two clips through research on public sources. The observatory team found that the videos were authentic but were used in a misleading context. They document the targeting of activist Saleh Al-Ja’frawi and a group of doctors and journalists in an area between Khan Yunis and Rafah on February 15th.

The observatory continued communicating with Al-Ja’frawi, who explained to “Tahaqaq” the circumstances of the targeting. He indicated that, at the time, they were in the Morag area between Khan Yunis and Rafah, accompanied by Dr. Mohammed Abu Yahya, Dr. Israa, and journalist Mohammed Salama. He clarified that Israeli reconnaissance aircraft targeted them with a missile, and this is what he personally documented in the first video, which he shared on his Instagram account.

Al-Ja’frawi added that doctor Israa was seriously injured. He documented the rescue attempt and placed her in a vehicle to transport her to Al-Kuwaiti Hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammed Abu Yahya sustained injuries to the spinal column.

Furthermore, Al-Ja’frawi disclosed his injury with shrapnel in his right hand, which doctors couldn’t remove due to its proximity to nerves and tendons. He clarified that they conducted an expansion surgery in the place of its presence.

The second video documents the process of taking an X-ray of his hand, showing the shrapnel settled behind the joint of his right hand. He was later transferred to Youssef Al-Najjar Martyr Hospital.
Al-Ja’frawi provided “Tahaqaq” observatory with additional videos. The first one captures the medical teams stitching his wound, clearly displaying his injury.

The second video captures the efforts of doctors at the International Health Organization’s field hospital trying to extract the shrapnel from his hand. This confirms the reality of his injury and refutes allegations of fabrication.

Later, in preparing the report, activist Al-Ja’frawi provided the “Tahaqaq” Observatory with a copy of the medical report confirming the authenticity of his injury, contrary to the skeptical claims.

This doubtfulness is part of the “Pallywood” campaign led by Israelis and other Western accounts since the start of the Israeli aggression on Gaza on October 7th, 2023. The aim is to cast doubt on the Palestinians’ actual suffering during the aggression and accuse them of faking their injuries. The Observatory continues its efforts to refute these allegations.

The result
The videos document a real incident targeting activist Saleh Al-Ja’frawi along with a group of doctors and journalists in the Morag area between Khan Yunis and Rafah. He sustained shrapnel injuries to the joint of his right hand, and this is confirmed by additional videos obtained by the “Tahaqaq” observatory from activist Al-Ja’frawi.
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