A screenshot from a Malaysian comedy film that says she is from Gaza as part of the “Pallywood” campaign

The claim
Accounts supporting Israel have shared a picture from a comedy film featuring a man on a hospital bed, falsely asserting that it was filmed in Gaza as part of the “Pallywood” campaign.

On the X platform, accounts shared a picture from a Malaysian comedy film, falsely claiming that it depicted a woman from Gaza as part of the “Pallywood” campaign. The image showed a man on a hospital bed with medical tools and equipment placed inappropriately — an oxygen mask on his ears, a heart rate monitor on his nose, and other equipment on his forehead. These accounts aimed to cast doubt on the suffering of Palestinians during the war in Gaza by accusing them of fabricating injuries.

The Palestinian Observatory conducted an investigation into the photo and the accompanying claim by searching public sources. It was discovered that the photo was old, initially posted on May 14, 2018, on the Facebook account of film director Al Jaffree md Yusop. In his comment, he clarified that the scene was from the Malaysian comedy film “Lacasa de Ampang Wati” and had no connection to the Gaza Strip conflict.

This confirmation aligns with a previous statement by the film’s director, Al Jaffrey MD Yusop, who denied that the picture was part of the “Pallywood” scenes from Gaza. He emphasized that it was a shot from a Malaysian comedy film satirizing life and had nothing to do with Gaza. The person in the picture was identified as actor Mohammed Shaheer.

The director’s clarification came in response to Israeli accounts posting the photo in the previous year (2023), including the “Layat Manshah” Facebook account, which falsely claimed it was from a hospital in the Gaza Strip.

IDN TIMES published an article listing the image in question among ten funny scenes in television series that take place in a hospital environment.

The result
The photo captures Malaysian actor Muhammad Shahir in a scene from a comedy film directed by Al Jaffree MD Yusop. The director shared the photo on May 14, 2018, specifying that it is a still from the movie “La Casa Di Ampang Wati.”

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