The prisoner of “Hamas”, “Noa Argamani”, is a conscript in the occupation army

The claim
Hamas kidnaps an Israeli civilian while she was at a concert on the occasion of the Jewish Day of Atonement, which was held near the “Ra’em” settlement.

The prisoner of the Palestinian “Hamas”, “Noa Argamani”, is a conscript in the occupation army

Pages showing through their materials in support of the Israeli occupation images claiming to be of a civilian girl “abducted” during Al-Aqsa Deluge operation while at a concert on the occasion of the Jewish Day of Forgiveness held on 07/10/2023 near the settlement of Ra’em on the cover of Gaza.

Video recordings of the girl showed the moment she was arrested and transferred to the Strip, where she appeared in close Israeli military dress, while waving to her friend “Avi Natan Or”, who works in electronic engineering.

In another video, “Noa” was spotted looking healthy and drinking water in a location believed to be connected to the Palestinian “Hamas” in the Strip.

“Tahaqaq” Observatory is skeptical of the accusations made by Israel and some international newspapers that have labeled her as one of the ‘victims of terrorism’, as they put it, as a civilian Israeli citizen who came with her friend to watch the concert.

“Tahaqaq” identified a number of accounts bearing her name during her social media accounts tracking. During her account review, we discovered one of the photographs in the Israeli occupation army’s military uniform before their account was suspended and access was determined. Human rights researcher Haitham Ghneim confirmed this before her account was closed and she was in good health, also Noa’s friends created a solidarity page bearing her name. In a post, she was photographed wearing another Israeli military uniform in white anima. There were Israeli commentators who demanded that the photo be deleted for all time because it would be detrimental to her if her identity and military function were revealed.

The result
While searching her accounts (before suspended it), It turned out that the girl wasn’t a civilian, but a conscript working for the Israeli occupation.

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