Video of young men attempting to rescue an injured woman through a long rope is circulating, claiming to be a theatrical scene in Gaza.

The claim
“A new action film titled “This is Our Situation” was filmed in Gaza, and today it’s being circulated as footage of a woman injured by an Israeli sniper.”

An account named “Quraish” on X posted a video showing a group of young men trying to rescue a woman lying on the ground using a long rope.

The account doubted the authenticity of the video, claiming it to be a staged scene. It alleges that the video was filmed in Gaza, portraying it as an injury caused by an Israeli sniper, and suggesting that the angles of the footage do not show the injury or any blood stains. The account sarcastically suggested that the director forgot to include the “ketchup”. It described the woman as an actress and speculates that her heavy clothing was to protect her body during the rescue attempt. It also mentioned that she deliberately hid her face and concludes the comment with the director’s advice, as described by the account, to take more courses in short film production.

Tahaqaq examined the authenticity of the video and the accompanying claim. Through research in public sources, it was found that the video is authentic and belongs to a Palestinian woman who was shot by an Israeli sniper. It’s not a staged scene. The video was documented by Abdullah Al-Dali on his official Instagram account, and he commented on it, saying, “After the Jews withdrew from the area, they left snipers working at intersections.”

“After the Jews withdrew from the area, they left snipers working at intersections.”

Regarding the details of the incident, Abdullah Al-Dali, the video owner, explained to Tahaqaq that the woman appearing in the video is Um Mohammed Aqeela. She was shot by an Israeli sniper on Al-Shuhada Street, specifically at Kazim intersection. He clarified that the incident occurred on January 6, 2024, and mentioned that an Israeli sniper was present at the intersection, preventing anyone from approaching the scene. Therefore, those present tried to pull the woman using a long wire to avoid the sniper’s gunfire.

Regarding the absence of the injury in the footage due to the angle of the shot, Al-Dali explained that he couldn’t capture the scene from another angle due to fear of being exposed to sniper fire. He also mentioned that they were able to pull the woman, but she was bleeding heavily and was transported by friends of the patient to Al-Shifa Medical Complex. However, she passed away the day after the incident.

The photographer provided Tahaqaq with another video clip showing the street where the woman was injured, demonstrating that every part of the street is exposed to sniper fire. The video also shows the wire used to pull the woman.

Tahaqaq has observed several Western and Israeli accounts that doubt the suffering of Palestinians and their victims, since October 7 of last year. These accounts accuse Palestinians of fabricating facts and creating staged scenes.

The result
The video is original, not a film, it was used in a misleading context. It documents the attempt of young men to rescue Um Mohammed Aqeela after being shot by an Israeli sniper at Al-Shuhada Street – Kazim intersection. However, she passed away the following day, and no one was able to approach her due to the sniper fire spread in the area, as confirmed by video owner Abdullah Al-Dali.
 Prosecution sources  Verification sources
Quraish Abdullah Al-Dali, the video owner

Abdullah Al-Dali official Instagram account 

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