Israeli and Western accounts question the truth of the video of the child selling in the rain in Gaza. “Tahaqaq” provides details on the

The claim
“Pallywood 101, they took a small terrorist in the rain with an umbrella claiming that he has no home as a result of the IDF bombings and that he is “collecting money for his family” Acting, and directing just like a good movie.. I’m singing in the rain.”

Israeli and Western accounts on “X,” previously known as Twitter, circulated a video clip showing a small child sitting behind a table on which some goods were placed for sale.

In another description, they commented on him by saying: “Pallywood took a young terrorist in the rain with an umbrella claiming that he has no home as a result of the IDF bombings and that he is “collecting money for his family,” acting, and directing just like a good movie, “I’m singing in the rain.”

The video was also circulated in the context of questioning the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza in light of the cold weather, and due to the continuation of the Israeli war, where the video received great interaction and sympathy among news pages and users of social media platforms.

The Palestinian observatory “Tahaqaq” fact-checks the grounds and details of the allegations attached to the video by researching the open sources, and it turned out that the video is not a scene as stated in the claim, but a real incident that occurred in Deir al-Balah market central Gaza Strip, documented by journalist Sami Sultan on Saturday.

Over the details, journalist Sami Sultan told “Tahaqaq:” “While passing by Deir al-Balah market near Al-Baraka roundabout, I saw in front of me the child Abdullah Shalmakh sitting behind a table and selling cakes and pastries to collect some money, as there was no heavy rain in the morning that day”.

Sultan added that, after it suddenly started raining heavily, the child preferred staying where he had put the table, which he was leaning on, making sure that the table would not be moved due to the heavy rain. So the child could not move to the sidewalk or any dry place because it was difficult for him to move the heavy table alone.

Sultan also pointed out that the nature of the area, where the child Abdullah was sitting, is sloping, which accelerates the rainwater movement on the ground, and, therefore, some corners and places appear without collected rainwater in them.

As the journalist Sultan explained to ‘’Tahaqaq’’ regarding the identity of the child Abdullah, he is a displaced civilian from Gaza who was forced into displacement along with his family to Deir al-Balah city on Al-Salam Street, and he sells sweets to support his family.

In addition to that, displaced people in various areas of Gaza Strip suffer from rainwater leaking into their tents due to the heavy rains, which adds to their suffering and makes it difficult for them to internally displace from one area to another.

The result
The video clip of the child: Abdullah Shalmakh is real; he was displaced from Gaza City to Deir al-Balah, where he appeared selling some sweets in Deir al-Balah market on Saturday, as confirmed to “Tahaqaq” by the video’s documentarian Sami Sultan.

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