The ‘Pallywood’ campaign alleges that a behind-the-scenes video of a Moroccan film was fabricated in one of the hospitals in Gaza

The claim
Israeli accounts are circulating a video clip from behind the scenes of shooting a Moroccan film, claiming it was filmed in hospitals in Gaza.

Israeli and pro-Israeli accounts on “X” circulated a video clip of behind-the-scenes footage from a film shoot inside a hospital. the accounts that shared the video claimed it was filmed in Gaza, and it was shared within the context of the “Pallywood” campaign, which casts doubt on the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza due to the ongoing war there.

After investigation, The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq”, determined that the claim was misleading. The video had no connection to the war in Gaza; instead, it was a scene from behind the scenes of a film shared by Moroccan actor Karim Douzal on his TikTok and Instagram accounts on November 7, 2023.

Recently, Karim Douzal issued a denial via his Instagram account regarding the video clip in question. He explicitly stated that the depicted scene was unrelated to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. Douzal clarified that the clip originated from the behind-the-scenes footage of a film production in which he was involved as an actor. His statement served to counter assertions suggesting that the video portrayed Palestinians feigning injuries in Gaza.

This was also confirmed by previous verification conducted by colleagues at the Syrian “Takaad” platform on December 22, 2023. They managed to communicate with Moroccan actor Karim Douzal, who explained to “Takad” that the scenes were from the behind-the-scenes of a short film titled “Crossing Patterns,” starring him and directed by Yassin El Ruqay.

The result
The video is from the behind-the-scenes of the film “Crossing Patterns,” previously shared by Moroccan actor Karim Douzal on his TikTok and Instagram accounts on November 7, 2023. It has no relation to the Israeli war on Gaza.

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