Israeli and Western accounts raise doubts about the authenticity of Dr. Amira Al-Asouli’s purported rescue of an injured individual in Khan Younis.

The claim
Israeli and Western accounts allege that the video of Doctor Amira Al-Asouli’s rescue of an injured person is a staged scene.

Accounts on X -Twitter previously- have expressed skepticism regarding the authenticity of a video documenting the moment Doctor Amira Al-Asouli rescued an injured person inside the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex amid gunfire from the Israeli occupation army. These accounts described the video as staged and “nonsense”, according to their statements, while other accounts circulated it as part of the “Pallywood” skepticism campaign.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” refutes the circulated claims and doubts about the incident’s authenticity, based on public and live sources accessed by the observatory. The video was filmed by journalist Mohammed Akram Al-Halou and documents the incident that occurred in the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip. The incident was showcased in a video posted on his Instagram account on February 10th, discussing the injuries and intense gunfire at the Nasser complex. The same video documents Doctor Amira Al-Asouli’s rescue of an injured person who was bleeding near the complex’s gate.

In another scene, the photographer Al-Halou captured moments when the injured person arrived at the emergency department of the complex, showing medical teams attending to him due to injuries in various parts of his body, especially his leg.

This was confirmed by Doctor Amira Al-Asouli in an interview with Al Jazeera, where she mentioned that the Nasser complex was directly targeted by occupation snipers, resulting in several injuries. She explained that one of the young men injured by the snipers at the time died due to bleeding, as the teams could not provide aid. She noted that she managed to reach the second injured person – as shown in the video – followed by Doctor Mohammed Abu Yahya and two young men carrying the stretcher. She added that the injured young man was alive when they reached him, trying to treat himself, and they were able to save him and transfer him inside the complex.

This was evident at the beginning of the video posted by the photographer Mohammed Al-Halou on his Instagram account, where a young man is seen screaming, asking the injured person lying inside a tent in front of the hospital to wrap the injury site with cloth until they could reach him.

It’s noteworthy that Doctor Al-Asouli is a retired doctor who continues her work voluntarily at the Nasser Medical Complex due to a shortage of medical staff.

The result
The video is real, filmed by journalist Mohammed Al-Halou, but it has been misleadingly used in the context of the “Pallywood” campaign. It documents Doctor Amira Al-Asouli’s rescue of a Palestinian injured person in front of the gate of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis, amid gunfire from the Israeli occupation soldiers.

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