Observatory “Tahaqaq” debunks misleading claims questioning the injury of a Palestinian child in Gaza.

The claim
Questioning the fact that a Palestinian child was injured by the occupation shelling in Gaza.

Western accounts supporting the Israeli occupation through the “X” platform circulated two videos showing the first showing an injured child on a hospital bed with a bandaged head and feet, and the second showing a child bringing “tea” drinks and distributing them to journalists.

The accounts claimed that the person appearing in the two videos is the same child, and questioned the way the child appears injured in the first video, while the second video shows him uninjured and wearing the same clothes.

The circulation comes in the context of Pallywood’s campaign questioning the suffering of the Palestinians and accusing them of falsification.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” investigated the truth of the videos and the claims attached to them, by researching public sources, and found that the two videos are of two different children documented by journalist Muhammad al-Shaer, and were used in a misleading context.

The journalist Mohammad al-Shaer denied to “Tahaqaq” that the allegation was true, stressing that the two children in the two videos are two different children, not one child as claimed, noting that the first video of the child in the hospital bed was documented in Nasser Medical Hospital on October 17, 2023, while the second video was documented on October 16 of the same year, for a child who was constantly bringing tea to journalists.

Regarding the identity of the two children shown in the two videos, “Tahaqaq” found other videos from different angles showing the child distributing tea to journalists, including a press interview with the child on October 25, during which he identified himself as Maysara al-Hindi (10 years old), from Khan Yunis, who was bringing tea to the tent of journalists at Nasser Medical Hospital in Khan Yunis at the time.

The child who appeared injured on the hospital bed is Abdullah al-Lamdani (8 years old), from the Shati’ area in the northern Gaza Strip, he was injured in the first days of the war in Gaza due to Israeli shelling, but is now in good health, his cousin Dima al-Lamdani confirmed to Tawfiq.

Al-Lamdani provided Al-Marsad team with another photo of her cousin Abdullah, which clearly shows that he is not the same child who distributed tea to journalists in Khan Younis, which refutes the validity of the claim.

It is noteworthy that the war in Gaza since October 7 last year continues for the 157th consecutive day, resulting in more than 32,000 martyrs and more than 72,000 injuries, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The result
The first video documents the injury of the child Abdullah al-Lamdani after being bombed on October 17, 2023, while the second video shows the child Maysara al-Hindi, who was constantly bringing tea to the journalists’ tent at the Nasser Medical Hospital in Khan Yunis at the time, and was documented on October 16, as confirmed to “Tahaqaq” by the documenter of the two videos, fellow journalist Muhammad al-Shaer, and the cousin of the injured child Abdullah al-Lamdani.

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