As part of the “Pallywood” campaign… Israeli accounts share the image of a manipulated victim

The claim
A picture of a wounded Palestinian in Gaza with three legs.

Israeli and other pages and accounts supporting the Israeli occupation posted a picture showing a three-legged young man in a wheelchair. The image’s traders followed it by saying: “A man with three legs is a divine miracle!”

The publication is part of the “Pallywood” campaign that doubts the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza due to the ongoing war there.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” traced the origin of the photo circulated by searching public sources and found that it belonged to an injured person in Al-Shifa Medical Complex. It was taken by photographer Mahmoud Shalha yesterday, Monday, April 1, after the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the complex.

The image has been manipulated to add a third foot to use it in a misleading context as it shows the representation and fabrication of Palestinians for their injuries.

In contact with the photographer from Gaza, Mahmoud Shalha explained to “Tahaqaq” the reasons for the photo by saying: “As soon as the occupation forces withdrew from Al-Shifa Medical Complex, they went to the complex to document the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation. When they arrived at the hospital, they documented this crime committed against the wounded inside the hospital after being trapped inside the hospital for 14 days without food, water, medicine, or health care, which led to the deterioration of one of the wounded to a serious level as a result of what they were subjected to.” He added that the young man whose photo was fabricated and the young man next to him were among the wounded who were trapped inside the complex.

Other media outlets have also documented the condition of the injured person himself. last Monday, Al-Jazeera published a video documenting the testimonies of patients and injured people in the Al-Shifa Complex and showing the injured young man from 3:16 to 3:20.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation army completely withdrew from Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings west of Gaza City at dawn yesterday, Monday, after a two-week invasion and siege. Hundreds of bodies were found inside the complex and the surrounding area. The health conditions of the wounded and the besieged patients worsened.

The result
The photo in circulation was manipulated to add a third foot to the wounded Palestinian, as confirmed by the photographer Mahmoud Shalha from Gaza. Media outlets also documented his condition after the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

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