The video shows a lost Palestinian young girl in the West Bank, not a kidnapped Israeli settler in Gaza

The claim
“Hamas terrorists kidnapped a Jewish baby girl in Gaza”.

The video depicts a lost Palestinian child, not a kidnapped settlement in Gaza

Foreign pages and accounts in support of the Israeli occupation on social media sites, including British politician Powell Goulding, circulated a video purporting to belong to a Palestinian from Gaza following Hamas as it played a Jewish girl captured during the recent war on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” inquired about the authenticity of the claim and concluded that it was incorrect. Using public sources and verifying elements in the circulating video, the person who appeared in the clip was identified by the Observatory team. The young Ezzedine Lighlassey from Hebron, explained to “Tahaqaq” that the video was taken about a month ago by a friend playing a Palestinian girl who was lost to her parents in Dora Municipal Park in Hebron and was posted on September 8, 2023, through the media entitled “Lost Girl”, noting that the clip was highly publicized in social media at the time.

He assured that the TikTok authorities closed his account after the video was reposted as part of the incitement campaign on the media platforms.

The result
The girl in the video is a lost Palestinian child in the West Bank city of Dura rather than a kidnapped settler in Gaza. On the 8th of September. 2023, Izz al-Din Lajlasi, a user of the “TikTok” app, posted the video to his account.

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