The paramedic tears up, deeply moved by the condition of a little girl and her family who were injured in the occupation’s bombardment of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

The claim
Medics stand next to the photographer (what agency does he represent BTW?) instead of helping the wounded? One medic is smiling and looks quite happy.

Foreign accounts on the former “X” website, Twitter, circulated a photo of a girl from Gaza speaking to a photographer, and they commented skeptically: “The naive Western agencies continue to spread Hamas-ISIS propaganda. Instead of helping the wounded, paramedics stand next to photographers? One of the paramedics smiles and appears happy,” in reference to their doubt about the suffering of children and victims in Gaza as a result of the Israeli war on it.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” has verified the accuracy of the claim by researching public sources. It was found that the girl appeared in a documentary video by activist Ahmed Hajazi on social media. In the video, Hajazi documented the initial moments of the targeting of displaced people who sought refuge in Al-Shifa Hospital to escape the Israeli bombardment of Gaza last Friday.

In our communication with activist Hajazi, he confirmed to us that the girl sustained minor injuries, but several members of her family were in tears after being targeted by Israeli occupation forces during their stay in the outpatient clinics building in Al-Shifa Medical Complex yesterday, Friday.

Hajazi provided us with a video clip documenting the moment the injured girl was evacuated alongside the martyrs who fell victim to the Israeli bombardment of the hospital. He mentioned that the injured girl, while being filmed, tearfully recounted her story, expressing the horror of what she had experienced. Both he and the paramedic shown in the video were visibly emotional, shedding tears. This contradicts the claim that the paramedic was smiling, as stated in the allegation.

The result
The paramedic is seen crying, deeply affected by the condition of a girl and her family who were injured in the Israeli bombardment of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, as confirmed to “Tahaqaq” by activist Ahmed Hajazi.

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