The corpse of the child, Omar Bilal, stiffened after he reached martyrdom, and it’s not a doll as the Israeli journalist, Cohen, claimed

The claim
The journalist, Edy Cohen: “Hamas lies! This is not a child, but a doll”.

The Israeli journalist, Edy Cohen, published a video on his official account on “X” platform bidding farewell to the child after his burial in Al-Shifa’ Medical Complex in Gaza. Cohen claimed that it’s “Lies of Hamas. It’s not a child, but a doll”.

The Palestinian observatory “Tahaqaq” team investigated the origin of Cohen’s claim by contacting the videographer, Momen Al-Halabi, whose name appears at the bottom of the video. Al-Halabi denied the veracity of Cohen’s claim confirming that he recorded the video on October 12, and it is of Omar Bilal Al-Bana who is Four and a half years old.

Al-Halabi further clarified to “Tahaqaq” that Omar was martyred along with some of his family members during the Israeli shelling on Gaza, and Omar’s brother was also injured in the same shelling.

The observatory communicated with the forensic doctor “Samir Abu Za’rour” who clarified to “Tahaqaq” that the corpse of the deceased is usually stiffened from the first moment of death until it becomes one piece, and it remains in this state up to 24 hours. After that, it starts to decompose, which is what happened to the corpse of the martyred child Omar Al-Bana

It should be noted that more than 940 Palestinian children have been martyred as a result of the Israeli aggression on Gaza since October 7th of this year.

The result
The photo shows the corpse of a 4-year-old child, Omar Bilal Al-Banna, who was martyred along with several members of his family during the Israeli aggression on Gaza. A forensic doctor has confirmed that the corpse remained petrified for 24 hours after his martyrdom.
Verification sources  Prosecution sources

The photojournalist: Momen Al-Halabi

The forensic physician: Sameer Abuza’rour

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