The Western media is using a video of a Palestinian woman wiping the faces of martyred children, holding a prayer beads ring, to cast doubt on the casualties of Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

The claim

“Palestinians deceive people, pretending to be dead along with their children, and cry to the world.”

 Western accounts circulated a video of a Palestinian woman inspecting the bodies of children who were killed in the Israeli occupation’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip. 

They responded skeptically, suggesting that Palestinians are deceiving people by pretending to be dead and mourning to manipulate the world. This implies that the incident is not genuine and that Palestinians in Gaza are fabricating scenes of their suffering due to the Israeli war in Gaza.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” has questioned the validity of these claims by examining the video through its technical team. 

The video shows that the woman is wiping the face of one of the children with her hand, and what appears on her finger is an electronic prayer beads ring, not a makeup brush as claimed. 

Upon researching public sources, it was found that the video was shared by Gaza-based journalist Omar al-Dirawi through his Telegram channel. Several journalists present during the arrival of the martyrs at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital confirmed that the victims were children from the Shuhada family. 

They arrived at Al-Aqsa Hospital yesterday following the Israeli shelling of the Sawarha area in the central governorate of Gaza. 

Another video, filmed by journalist Mohammed Al-Hums, was provided as additional evidence confirming their martyrdom.

The result

The video is true, capturing a Palestinian woman mourning the bodies of children from the Chehadeh family, who arrived at Al-Aqsa Hospital as martyrs in yesterday’s Israeli bombardment of the Sawarha area. What appears in the woman’s hand is an electronic rosary and not a makeup product.

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