A video of an injured person trying to reassure his mother is being circulated on Western accounts as a fabrication of Palestinian scenes depicting the victims of the Israeli war.

The claim
Western and Israeli accounts cast doubt on the fact that a young man from Gaza was injured as a result of the occupation’s bombing. He commented on the video by saying, “Even his mother didn’t believe him.”

Western social media accounts have shared a video clip of an injured person lying on a hospital bed, removing the bandage from his head and telling his mother, “I’m fine… there’s nothing wrong with me.” The publishers of the video expressed skepticism, stating, “Even his mother didn’t believe him”, implying that the scene is staged and from one of the hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” has traced the origin of the circulated video through research conducted on public sources, it was found that the video belongs to a Palestinian wounded individual at Nasser Medical Hospital, and it was documented by Palestinian photographer Mohammed Awad.

Upon contacting Awad, he denied that the video was staged, confirming that it is indeed a real scene inside Nasser Hospital, which he documented on November 12, 2023.

Regarding the details, Awad explained, saying: “Suddenly, I heard a woman screaming in front of the gate of Nasser Hospital. When I followed her, it turned out that her son was injured in his head. Later on, the mother screamed again, thinking that her son had been martyred. I approached her, and her son was on the hospital bed, scared. He removed the bandage from his head to assure her that he was fine and that his health condition had stabilized, which is what the individuals appearing in the video also told her, that her son is alright.”

This is confirmed by the condition of the injured young man, who shows similar signs to those injured individuals rescued by medical teams from under the rubble. His clothes appear torn, and there are traces of dust and gunpowder on them.

We emphasizes that the claim accompanying the video is misleading, as the young man intended to reassure his mother, who was in a state of extreme fear. We also points out that it has debunked several false claims being circulated by various Western and Israeli accounts since October 7th.

These claims are part of an Israeli media campaign aimed at fabricating or circulating scenes in a misleading context and accusing Palestinians of fabricating victim scenes in order to gain international sympathy and support.

The result
The video isn’t a staged scene, but rather a real scene of a wounded man inside Nasser Hospital trying to reassure his mother, who was terrified to see him injured, according to what was confirmed to us by the video’s documentarian, photographer Muhammad Awad.
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Mohammed Awad – Palestinian photographer

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