The video shows a Palestinian mother devastated by the martyrdom of her daughter, despite her husband and child surviving. It is not a staged trick.

The claim
After a short break #Pallywood is fool on, Notice that the child is ok.

An Israeli account called “Yael” posted a video on X showing a child lying on the ground between the hands of a woman who is screaming loudly in the midst of a gathering of people.

The account commented on the video, saying, “After a short break #Pallywood is fool on Notice that the child is ok,” in reference to the fact that the video is a staged scene and not real, as part of a campaign to cast doubt on Palestinian suffering due to the war in Gaza under the title “Pallywood.”

After a short break #Pallywood is fool on
Notice that the child is ok

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” verified the authenticity of the video and the claim, and through research in public sources, it was found that the video is genuine, but the claim and the context in which it was placed are misleading.

Our team also contacted the videographer, Abdullah Al-Attar, who clarified to us that the video is real and not staged, and it was documented in front of the Abu Yusuf Al-Najjar Hospital in the eastern city of Rafah. It belongs to a woman who was greatly shocked as a result of her family being targeted in the Shabura camp in Rafah city yesterday, Friday.

Regarding the child who appeared alive, Al-Attar pointed out that the child was injured after their house was shelled, while his sister was martyred and his father was injured. This made his mother scream and collapse as shown in the video, as she could not bear the magnitude of the event and did not believe that her son was fine.

الطفلة الشهيدة جوري برفقة والدها

This was also confirmed by the journalist correspondent, Wael Al-Halabi, who said: “The occupation’s aircraft targeted a house belonging to the Adwan family in the Shabura camp, and the woman appearing in the video was crying for the loss of her daughter, Jouri Ramadan Mohammed Makdad, who was martyred in the targeting of the Adwan family’s house at 7:00 am on Friday, December 1, 2023. Her husband and son were slightly injured, which caused her to appear in a state of severe shock.”

Therefore, the Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” confirms that the claim is misleading, and the video was used in a misleading context as part of the “Pallywood” campaign supported by Western Israeli accounts since the events of October 7th.

The result
The video is real, but the context is misleading. The mother was in a state of shock due to the loss of her daughter during the Israeli occupation’s shelling of the house where she and her family were located in the Shabura camp in Rafah. Her child survived, while her husband was injured as a result of the shelling.
 Prosecution sources  Verification sources
Yael The videographer, Abdullah Al-Attar

The journalist correspondent, Wael Al-Halabi

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