The footage, accompanied by the caption “With iodine, Gaza is the place where Hamas terrorists come back to life,” was spread by accounts supportive of Israel.

The claim
“Pallywood is the place in Gaza where Hamas terrorists suddenly return to life.”

After investigation, the Palestinian observatory “Tahaqaq” determined that the video originated from a Turkish short film titled “Dirilen Asker”. This film is part of a series called “Jesus Istanbul,” which explores the story of Jesus Christ in Turkey during the 21st century. The video, uploaded on May 21, 2018, on YouTube, has no association with the Israeli war in Gaza or the Gaza martyrs, as falsely claimed.

Additionally, certain Western and Hebrew accounts have utilized the hashtag “Pallywood” to cast doubt on the suffering endured by Palestinians in Gaza. These accounts share videos and photos that are unrelated to the Israeli war in Gaza, further complicating the understanding of the situation.

The result
The video isn’t in Gaza, but rather an excerpt of a Turkish acting scene from a short film entitled “Dirilen Asker”, previously published on YouTube in 2018.
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Frankie Dirilen Asker

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