The widely circulated image of Swedish activist “Greta Thunberg” has been digitally altered, and the original image conveys support for Gaza and Palestine.

The claim
Swedish climate activist “Greta Thunberg” endorses the killing of Jews and shows sympathy for Gaza by linking “Hamas” to “ISIS”.

Certain social media pages and users have disseminated an image of Swedish activist “Greta Thunberg”, falsely attributing to her a stance advocating harm to Jews through banners that call for such actions and depict her apparent sympathy for Gaza and Palestine by associating her with the Islamic State organization, commonly known as “ISIS”. This image was distributed as part of a campaign to incite against the activist, primarily originating from Israeli accounts, due to her vocal solidarity with Gaza.

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” and the Iraqi platform “El Fahes” conducted an investigation into the image in question and discovered that it had been manipulated and was not authentic. The text on some of the signs had been altered to falsely suggest that Thunberg was promoting violence against Jews.

The original image, which Thunberg shared on her “X” platform account, shows her alongside three other girls. In her accompanying caption, she expressed her solidarity with Palestine and Gaza, emphasizing the urgent need for the world to call for an immediate ceasefire and justice, advocating for the freedom of Palestinians and all civilians affected by the conflict.

In the original image, Thunberg and her three companions are seen holding banners that express solidarity with Gaza and Palestine. These banners include statements such as “Stand with Gaza”, “Free Palestine”, and “This Jew stands with Palestine”. Another banner reads “Climate Justice Now”, reflecting her primary advocacy focus.

Following the incitement campaign targeting Thunberg, she posted a message on her “X” Twitter account, addressing the campaign and explaining that she had removed the initial image due to allegations of anti-Semitism. However, she subsequently re-shared another image featuring herself and her companions with the same banners, thus confirming the manipulation that had taken place in the original image.

The result
The image has been manipulated and was disseminated as part of an incitement campaign from Israeli accounts after Swedish climate activist “Greta Thunberg” posted a picture expressing her solidarity with Gaza through banners.
Verification sources  Prosecution sources
The original image, which Thunberg shared on her “X” platform account

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