The skepticism of Hebrew and Western sources regarding the truth of the injury of the child Mohammad Nazal inside the Israeli prisons is misleading.

The claim
A video clip reveals that the child Muhammad Nazzal lied because he appeared in the clip after his release from prison with his hands intact.

Israeli and Western pro-Israeli accounts, including the official spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister to the Arab world, Ophir Gendelman, shared a video clip of the released Palestinian child prisoner, Mohammed Nazal, at the moment of his release from Israeli prisons as part of the exchange deal between “Hamas” and the Israeli. The video shows Nazal leaving the prison and boarding a Red Cross bus.

After the video was circulated, some doubted the authenticity of Nazal’s narrative, as he appeared in the clip with unharmed hands after claiming to the Arab media that his hands were broken as a result of the Israeli authorities’ attack on him and other child prisoners. They questioned, “Do you remember the Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Nazal who was released yesterday and falsely claimed to Arab media that the Israeli prison authorities broke his hands? This is a false and failed Palestinian propaganda.”

“Do you remember the Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Nazzal who was released yesterday and falsely claimed to Arab media that the Israeli prison authorities broke his hands? This is a false and failed Palestinian propaganda.”

The Palestinian Observatory “Tahaqaq” checked the validity of Israeli claims by engaging with live sources, and the observatory has concluded the following facts:

Firstly, the child Mohammed Nazal was subjected to a brutal beating inside Israeli prisons, resulting in fractures in his hands.

Regarding this, the mother of the prisoner Mohammed Nazal told us that Mohammed was subjected to a brutal beating and assault inside Israeli prisons, which led to fractures in his fingers (index and thumb in both hands).

Regarding the video published by the Israel claiming that Mohammed didn’t suffer any assault, his mother clarified that Mohammed didn’t receive any treatment inside the detention center, so it was natural for him to board the Red Cross bus without wrapping his hands, and this is the evidence that the occupation relied on to promote its narrative that Mohammed came out with two intact hands. She added that Mohammed appeared moving one of his hands because his hands did not suffer a complete fracture but only specific parts, which made it difficult for him to move his hands. When he tried to touch the chair, he touched it without fully pressing his fingers, and this is the reason why the occupation claimed that Mohammed was moving his hands naturally.

Hos mother pointed out that the Red Cross was the one who provided first aid to Muhammad inside the Cross bus, and bandaged both of his hands, after her son was beaten and assaulted nearly a week ago while he was in the Negev detention center, where he was not provided with any first aid or treatment by the occupation prison administration.

This was also confirmed to us by Mohammed Kamel, the released prisoner Jawad Kamel’s brother, that his brother, the released prisoner Jawad, was with Mohammed Nazal during his ascent to the Red Cross bus, suffering from a hand injury, as well as during his treatment at the Palestinian Medical Complex. He also was subjected to torture and assault, as scratches on his hand appear as evidence of the dogs’ claws used by the occupation soldiers during the suppression operations when storming the prisoners’ sections.

Secondly, X-ray images clearly show Nazal’s fractures in his hands.

The Palestinian Observatory “Investigate” obtained a copy of the preliminary medical report and an X-ray image of Mohammed’s hands after being taken at the Palestinian Medical Complex, which actually revealed the presence of some fractures.

Radiology specialist Mohammed Al-Hassan explained to us that Mohammed needs further X-ray images to accurately diagnose his injury. The image clearly shows a fracture in both of his hands, and he may need joint surgery, but this will be determined after conducting additional imaging. He confirmed that the injury is a result of direct blows with a solid object, emphasizing that the injury is real and not fabricated as claimed by the occupation. He further explained that the visible fracture in the X-ray image is a fracture in one of the major wrist bones caused by a blow with a solid object, and it requires at least forty days to heal.

Activists and various media outlets have reacted to the testimony of the child prisoner Mohammed Nazal from the town of Qabatiya, who was released in the fourth batch on November 27, which revealed some of the assaults that prisoners face in Israeli prisons, leading in some cases to the martyrdom of Palestinian prisoners. Since October 7, there have been six Palestinian prisoner martyrs.

The result
The video that was published by Hebrew websites didn’t show any clear visibility of the child Nazal’s hands. Furthermore, his hands didn’t suffer from a complete fracture that would prevent their movement, but rather fractures in the wrist and the index and thumb fingers in both hands.
 Prosecution sources  Verification sources
  1. The mother of the prisoner Mohammed Nazzal
  2. Radiology specialist, Mohammed Al-Hassan
  3. Mohammed Kamel, Jawad Kamel’s brother
  4. Initial medical report
  5. X-ray image

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